October 5, 2022

Keep your Windows drivers up to date with Driver Booster

One of the major deficiencies of Windows compared to other platforms is the need to update the software installed manually, a complication that increases when the system drivers are up to date. Although there are some tools to automate this task, Driver Booster is one of the best in its field, a free program that automatically detects and installs our computer’s drivers, and with its latest version, 5 adds interesting features.

Its greatest contribution is the fact that it updates the drivers directly without having to manually access an external URL that points us. The process is as simple as installing the tool, starting it, and after a few seconds, a list appears with all the outdated elements, marking their degree of importance according to the date of the last update.

It will be possible to specifically mark the elements that we want to update, as well as ignore those that do not interest us. Once everything we want is marked, all you have to do is click on the ‘Update Now’ button located at the top of the screen and wait the necessary time, taking into account that with certain actions it will be necessary to restart the computer so that the changes and can continue with the process, although at that point you will always notify us in advance.

The biggest limitation of the free version is the limit on the download speed of the drivers, so if there is a lot of software to update, the process can take a long time. Luckily, the tool can work perfectly silently in the background, so together with the possibility of making it start when Windows starts up, it makes us not worry about the program for a few days until it has performed all the tasks. What’s more, after each update a restore point will be created in the system in case we have a problem and want to revert the changes.

Driver Booster is completely free and does not include any type of ad-ware or the like (although according to our Virus Total report some antivirus can give warnings. For our part we have not found any ‘malicious’ sign). In fact, during the installation process it asks us if we want to optionally install other tools of the I Obit family, but with the box for this purpose unchecked by default. Good manners and honorable publicity in these shark times in the software world. Of course, there is the possibility of downloading the Pro version of the commercial license that will considerably increase the download speed in addition to adding some additional functionalities.

A gift. Here is a full six-month Driver Booster license string.


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